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South County Christian Counseling Center is a teaching and counseling center located in St. Louis, Missouri. We exist to heal the hurting through individual counseling and also through teaching and training churches, treatment centers, and mental health professionals in the area of traumatic abuse and the devastating affects it has on people.

Numerous people we have been able to assist through counseling were suffering severely from traumas related to physical, emotional, verbal, sexual, and spiritual abuse. Many had a hard time just grasping the realities of life because the shattering of their soul ran so deep that life was too much to deal with on a day-by-day basis.

Childhood abuse is very much a reality in our society. The effects of this trauma cause a breakdown in every facet of a child's life. We are here to help them know that there is hope, help and acceptance. As they learn to receive love and acceptance, their road to healing becomes easier to travel and as we begin together to see daily victories, a successful life is just ahead.

Mary Jo Schneller, Ph. D.

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