Our Goals Are

aboutTo provide professional and Biblical based counseling services that are directed toward healing.

To Strengthen and improve the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual well being of our clients.

To provide educational and prevention services that are consistent with our mission.

To provide training seminars, workshops, conferences for churches, treatment centers and the general public on trauma related issues.

The Need

Trauma has been defined as the "pain that stays." It is an emotional and mental pain that grips a person whether they are a child or an adult. This is called psychic pain. Because it is the deepest of pain it encompasses the mind, will and emotions. It is what is felt by being wounded by traumatic events.

This pain is the pain a child feels when their personhood has been attacked and wounded. The pain does not seemingly go away with time. It is an abiding pain that stays with the child throughout life, until they can get the healing they need. This is why South County Christian Counseling Center is dedicated to helping survivors with all kinds of trauma to heal. A study done with the cooperation of 550 colleagues working the field of traumatic stress in the Department of Psychiatry and Human Behavior, St. Louis University Medical Center reveled; "that a significantly high proportion of severely disturbed individuals with prior traumatic events, that ninety-eight percent of those with Dissocialize Identity Disorder had some type of either physical, sexual, or psychological abuse."

At South County Christian Counseling Center, we have found a large and growing population of victims of abuse is seeking help from their local churches across the nation. These people bring numerous needs and unique challenges to the church such as:

• Major depression with suicidal attempts

• Extreme stress disorder

• Marital and family difficulties

• All types of abuses


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