The St. Louis Peniel Residential Drug And Alcohol Treatment Center

Part of the vision of South County Christian Counseling Center is to have a residential drug and alcohol treatment center. We believe that all addictions are completely reversible. That vision is being fulfilled this year in the South County area of St. Louis, MO. The treatment center is being modeled after Peniel Drug and Alcohol Residential Treatment Center in Johnstown, PA, under the direction of Dr. Marion Spellman, who is the president and founder.

Peniel is a Level III medically monitored intensive inpatient treatment facility that is formally described as an organized service conducted by addiction professionals. Our multi-disciplinary team provides a carefully planned treatment regimen including, but not limited to, individualized action plans and twenty-four hour medically monitored care under the specific direction of physicians and registered nurses. This therapeutic model includes client evaluation, observation and monitoring in a professional Christian setting.

At Peniel there is an atmosphere of caring, professionalism, and trust created by the dedicated staff. The goal for the program is to serve with excellence and integrity. The knowledge that each person can be “whole” is Peniel’s motivating force. Biblical principles are incorporated with practical application and are modeled by counselors and other staff members on a daily basis, which demonstrates to the resident the absolute reality of freedom attainable through a drug-free life.

Peniel is a thirteen-month residential program with a six-month after-care program. We believe that our long-term program provides the client an opportunity to live a drug-free lifestyle in a supportive setting. Individualized treatment plans explore causal factors such as unresolved conflict, abuses, failures, and insecurities.


Are life-controlling drug and alcohol addictions reversible?

Absolutely & Completely! Peniel statistics reveal that addictions are indeed reversible. Those that internalize and follow the individualized treatment plan developed by their primary counselor will absolutely be given the power they need to overcome their chemical dependencies and associated issues.

Is the treatment process a difficult one?

This will be one of the most difficult things a client will ever do. Reversing the curse of addiction requires personal effort and commitment. But it is worth the effort! Those seeking to conclusively overcome their chemical addictions and mild emotional problems should go through an intense treatment process where continuous change is required. Our program provides that opportunity. Because long-standing habits are both hard to break and easily revived, it will take great determination and strong perseverance to complete the treatment process successfully.

Is drug addiction or alcoholism a symptom of a bigger problem?

The outstanding success of Peniel’s Christian treatment model indicates that a drug and alcohol problem begins with a spiritual need. We believe that Peniel is about redemption. The women and men who come here have to die; that is, their old nature has to die and a new nature emerges. We teach them that once you’ve been changed, you should influence the world by what you are and how you live. It is our firm commitmitment to treat the whole person: spiritually, socially emotionally and physically.

For more information about St. Louis Peniel Residential Program contact Dr. Mary Jo Schneller at 314-729-0481.

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